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Vernon (pop. 25,000) is beautifully situated on the left bank of the Seine, between the Forêt de Vernon and the Forêt de Bizy. It was founded in the IXth century by the first Duke of Normandy as a fortified city commanding the river Seine. The church of Notre-Dame dates from the 12th century.

Only 4 km from Vernon is Giverny the location of Claude Monet's famous gardens.

In 2006 Worcester entered into a friendship agreement with Vernon, in France where the Worcestershire regiment established a bridgehead in August 1944, which led to the liberation of Northern France and the Low Countries.

The Mayors of Vernon and Worcester signed a friendship agreement at the Guildhall, Worcester. In May a party from Worcester attends the Festival of Cherries in Vernon.

For further information email: Vernon Secretary